About US

Welcome to Zaatarian, an Armenian and Lebanese foodie, where all recipes are fresh and made to order. No GMOs, preservatives or additives. Most of our ingredients are organic and fresh.

Our Heritage

I always thought that cooking is an activity that I enjoy. where I have the flexibility to cook my own recipes, and a chance to share my Lebanese heritage with my friends and neighbors. 

I grew up in a small Lebanese town in Lebanon called Zahle. A small town where tradition is everything. families gather together with all the neighbors to celebrate festivities. and religious events such as Christmas, Easter and all saints in the bible. My dad loved the city and opened a bakery in 1962 before I was born. 

Our bakery was really a family affair, we all helped my dad making bread, zaatar mushtah, cheese pies, urban, kaak. Soon the word got out and people from all over Lebanon would come over to order our famous urban and kaak. 

People from all around the world visit my father’s Bakery known as “Forn Abou Elias” (Bakery of Elias’ Father. The eldest son). With the help of social media, and enjoy the wholesome and delicious food. Now my brothers run the bakery and you can Visit on IG @forn_abou_elias and enjoy the wholesome food.

I am so grateful to my father and mother for giving me such a wonderful gift. A gift of cooking amazing food.

I am following my dream and sharing my authentic Lebanese food, that is made from scratch.

And now Zaatarian

My dad is no longer with us, but he he passed his skills to his children.  Both of my brothers Elias and George are still in Zahle working at the same bakery that my father established in 1962.I have been in the USA since 1985 and made the same delicious food. I did not have a bakery but treated my friends and family for delicious food at special parties. My friends have always begged me to start a bakery, and I always answered; Nah it is too demanding and I came to the USA to become an engineer not a baker

The Fever is On

In a hot 2022 Texas July summer. My wife woke up in the morning and managed to have me bake Zaatar, wild thymes with oil, esame seed, sumac, and spices on flat dough. When she left for work, she took some of the food to share with her co-workers. Everyone was ecstatic and never had tasted this delicious offering. My wife could not wait to call and tell me how everyone loved he food and reminded me again to start selling. I really liked the fact that my fellow Texans loved the food and decided there and then to start my online foodie store.