Qurban a Semi Sweet Bread with Blossom Rose Water


You can literally smell the korban baking from blocks away, the scent of rose water flower seduces you into submission.

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From the famous Forn Abou Elias in Zahle Lebanon, and now in the USA you can get the same taste and flavor that you were accustom to. Ur-ban, Qurban or Korban, translates in Lebanese to soul food, or holy bread. Qurbān is related to the Aramaic word korbānā as in offering.

Why we are Better:
We import Rose water, Mahleb from Lebanon. The rosewater is not a commercial brand, homemade in the village with a certain type of rose, called ward joury (Rosa Damascena); the sweetest and most delicate rose ever!  After many years of research, we found the best unbleached non GMO artisan flower for our recipe.

What is Ur-ban:
Ur-ban, Qurban or Kurban, translates in Lebanese to soul food, however this snack isn’t sacrilegious, korban are often for sale for public consumption. You can literally smell this bread baking from blocks away, the scent of blossom flower water seduces you into submission.

The Dough:
A soft crust soo delicious it melts in your mouth. An adequate sweetness and sponginess like no other. Once you have had a bite you become hooked. My family still use the same recipe since 1962

When to eat:
Serve as a meal, appetizer, or a delicious snack. Best of all, they’re incredibly freezer friendly and reheat well. Warm the Ur-ban at 360? for 2 minutes. It is ready to eat when the aroma is calling your name

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